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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  July 20, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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those who cannot represent themselves >> wgn news @ 9 today was an wassaun an all around sauna >> the heat wave stretches across 34 states, almost broke a record today tomorrow slightly less terrible heat warning remains in effect through friday morning good evening. dan ponce at the lakefront how the heat changed the way we did things today >> even though i am on the lake and the sun has gone down and is still pretty uncomfortable with the heat extremely dangerous today chicago fire department responded to 87 emergency calls.
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temperature hitting 100 degrees this out the new chicago fire department responded to dozens of emergency calls from people suffering heat exhaustion and dehydration emergency room doctors continue to warn of chicagoans about staying outside too long today the humidity was public enemy number one of emergency responders said they did not care how many times they have to say keep the liquids flowing to avoid serious injury the fire department also asking people not to open up fire hydrants and opened fire hydrant can create serious pressure problems which can threaten a firefighter's ability to put out a blaze in a neighborhood not to mention safety concerns >> in past years we have had a couple of children killed of this late cars motorists are not seeing the children running into the street >> veterinarians also asking pet owners to be careful try to walk dogs early in the morning or later at night if possible
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>> they cannot sweat they have to expel their heat by panting that is less efficient so they tend to get overheated quicker than people >> under no circumstances should anyone leave a child or pet in a parked car thermometer hit 133 degrees and this parked car >> people having to work outside doing their best to keep cool these contractors being careful >> we work take a break we are drinking and then we come back to work again >> i imagine having to wear this costume to work to date wrigley field for today's game fans getting free ice cold water at all entrances fans we spoke with say they are not scared of the heat >> not at all bring it on to get rates and one water not all for me until the beers comes that will do it definitely >> going to be 95 degrees inside the ballpark >> yes 95 degrees but we love
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the cubs i am here, lots of water to keep cool no beer water water >> absolutely scorching today at wrigley field several hundred fans left the game early to hot inside the ballpark. and because the cubs or getting spanked by the phillies. 31 want call that for well-being checks by the city, 311 currently about 9000 customers in the chicago area without power comed >> not over yet the oppressive heat stick in about tom skilling >> one more intense day that we may worry about funding rain humidity continuing over the weekend one cap atmosphere if you look carefully sign of this breaking showing up in these
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monsoon belt thunderstorms that may begin moving out to the plain states coming our way not until tomorrow. here is where we stand tonight after the hottest day in chicago in six years interesting we have had 16-90 degree plus days this season all but one in four years has this many at this point in the season and the heat index over 100 degrees on the lakefront. 33 states now under advisories for hot weather and the hot air is pretty evident from this map showing high temperatures today. spreading all of the way east. o'hare airport hit 98 degrees what about the heat? we might get rain, the trade-off we need it ran talking more about that in the weekend forecast coming up >> in a time like this chicago
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lakefront beaches the place to cool off except for what, chicago park district officials posted a red flag warning at rainbow beach 79th street because of high levels of bacteria the red flag means no swimming you can still go to the beach yellow flag warning means a swim advisory on water quality check the park district's website daily to see if beaches are open or closed. >> fans and air conditioning units and high demand check out this lowe's shelves with a c it's now empty now have to sell floor models expecting several more shipments to handle the demand a c repairman working round-the-clock some getting 200 service call requests a day people glad they got their units fixed >> i woke up this morning 6:30 a.m. and i believe the thermostat said 79 degrees. time to take action.
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>> a c crews recommend you have clean filters clean units and have your units checked every spring and fall >> stay cool take it easy jump in the water eat ice cream, marcella raymond might be doing in lombard >> i have my ice-cream cone look at these kids behaving so well i appreciate that an ice-cream cone i will wait and see by the end of the newscast to see if it is melted or not i want to show you this definitely is a happening place this is one way to beat the heat. on a dry dusty field in the blazing sun the buccaneers practice but a big tournament. cannot keep them out here too long. >> you start to get tired and sloppy and have it rolled out here and a water break go and get water.
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>> hydration is key on a daily today whether drinking or jumping into it. children did not seem to care especially when there are slides and diving boards and lots of water >> obviously going to people to love my favorite things to do in the summer. >> staying in the water all day pretty much do not want to stay in the air conditioning i want to have fun here >> a drink lots of water >> some wished it were outside but clearly outnumbered >> i like staying outdoors went as high forced to be out here >> if you needed the air conditioning you could find it and stay cool like these people at the mall or had to the public library a great place to get out of the heat, checking out books and movies to keep them occupied while they stay inside >> stay home the next few days? >> working in the air
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conditioning come home and air conditioning. >> the place to be to cap off your hot day dairy queen smiles of plastic on faces out is that ice-cream cone? >> of some >> i think crabby from the heat, others >> can you talk to me? or are you just going to drink? completely dissed me, hilarious, there it is dripping all over, this is the way to eat a cone like today, back to you guys >> if i am stepping on my slurpee and you want to talk i will diss you too >> animals at brookfield zoo enjoyed ice cold repression treats today the staff put out thick blocks of ice filled with things like meat fruits and
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peanuts and juices also gave animals nice cold baths >> later in medical watch talking to a pediatrician about how to let kids enjoy the summer heat and how dangerous the heat can be looking back at the deadly heat wave in 1995 relatives with one of the victims lessons they've learned
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hundred of people dead the 1995 heat wave that struck the city still fresh in the mind of anybody who lost a loved one that summer relatives looking back at the tragic season >> the heat wave of 1995 more than a bad chapter for one chicago family lost their beloved ought reed family july 13th to 16 years ago like somebody in her 70's lived alone no air conditioning refused help the reeds say todays hot weather is haunting they lost mary clay hayes on a day exactly like this one because of the key to >> your skin hurt it was so hot >> sharon reed just 39 years old when she tried to talk her aunt about two or first floor apartment for cooler air on a hot july day in 1995, mary clay hayes lived on the second floor and refuse, sharon reed day now
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55 years old as well as the rest of her family forceful which they had been more forceful with the sweet kind church going lady people generally referred to as miss mary about just like it is today try to get her to come stay with me she would not do it she wanted to stay in her own house at that went up the back way the door was open and i found her laid across the bed >> death certificate says mary clay hayes died of a heatstroke the victim of this heat wave that swept through the region 15 years ago more than 700 people perished from heat related illnesses during a torturous and deadly 5 day stretch, with regard to trucks called in to assist staggering bodies literally stack up outside the morgue the majority who died that summer were elderly, took a lot of heat himself from public officials who claimed the coroner inflating the death toll public
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officials later blamed for not warning early enough since then well-being checks standard operating procedure, eric reed address the family did not want to blame the city of chicago but that led to the difficult way checking on family and neighbors can and does save lives >> do you want, we have been through this we did not plan on going through something like this again >> mary clay hayes 71 years old when she died the first black female coach cleaner to work for burlington northern not a day goes by she does not think about her older sister or the deadly heat of 1995 >> we all remember that weekend. coming up center r. kelly had to undergo emergency surgery and big changes might be coming to your mailbox. can i eat heart healthy without giving up taste? a man can only try... and try...and try.
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wgn news @ 9 and 88 year-old shooting victim speaking out shot in the arm chicagos pilots landed arthur bridgeford front porch yesterday outside his ankle was called when a gunman opened fire on two teenagers one of them died in front of this house the other survived, arthur bridgeford struck in the right arm by an arrant bullet >> did not see anything and not see blood but there was blood on hear what is going on here >> arthur bridgeford lived in the same home for more than 50 years and the shooting will not deter him from enjoying his front porch
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>> the man accused of kidnapping and killing a 7 year old girl in sycamore may be extradited to ellen know it tonight 71 year- old jack daniel mccullough waived his rights of extradition at a court hearing in seattle this morning jack daniel mccullough accused of murdering maria ridulph back in 1957 he denies doing anything wrong plane and on the train from rockbridge to chicago on the day she vanished. >> chicago are and be superstar r. kelly hospitalized at northwestern memorial after going on urgency surgery doctors had to drain an abscess on one of his tonsils reason it went to see a throat specialist because of pain simply saying the singer will be laid up indefinitely >> federal government may be losing the battle 9 water samples taken at the electric fish barrier designed to block the fish tested positive for the carp a positive results could be seen as a blow to the
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contention that the barriers are working perfectly critics say does not prove the jumping angel carp in the area of the side of the dna got there seven of those recent positive tests came from lake cathlamet which is south of downtown chicago a direct link to lake michigan, other two positive samples can brunt downtown and north of downtown on the north branch of the chicago river. there may come a time when you get the mail only five-three days a week postal service says it needs to be allowed to reduce delivery to five days a week now says the amount of mail continues to decline in 15-20 years may only be delivery on three days postal service blamed the decline in mail on the recession and a ship to the internet postal service lost $8 billion last year and is expected to lose the same total this year >> debt limit solution may have two plans attached new proposal from the bipartisan group of senators known as the gang of
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six gives washington and wall street hope a deficit agreement can be reached but not the type or august 2nd deadline that if missed will hurt the country's credit ratings of the white house signaled today it could support a short-term increase agreed to the bigger plan as soon as possible >> we all have something to say on the hottest day of the year tonight tribune cartoonist scott stantis turning up the heat on our governor >> 100 degrees are you kidding me? when i moved to chicago from birmingham alabama i figured i was traded brutal hot weather for brutal cold weather who do? anyway everybody talks about the weather nobody does anything about it. not this guy. i will offer by 2¢ right now, for instance springfield could offer legislation outlawing hot weather. but it went good sign that or not. he is not sure but
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you and i both know no matter what he decides the unit will killed at another idea, almost too good to share. bob quinn 2 words, sweat tax you know somewhere gov. quinn is wiping his bald head and thinking why did i not think of that? that is my stantis for now and by the way enter cartoon caption contest, /stantis >> keeping the little ones cool during dog days of summer what kind of extra care pediatricians recommend for kids and help for people who need that chicago legal aid bureau empowering local families.
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tonight's medical watch kids cannot take the heat as well as adults potential life saving tips for keeping your kids safe in the extreme heat knows what it feels like to be overcome by heat and humidity >> passing out sweating my arm went numb >> symptoms of heatstroke can happen to the healthiest person the experience makes this mother even more proactive >> we are very careful trying to keep our kids hydrated >> water helps but getting out of the heat is critical >> children produce more heat at rest and absorb more heat they do not sweat as well as adults and adults and adolescents help
9:26 pm
the take about four days to get used to the weather but for a child is about two weeks putting them at a higher risk >> i would like to state for a couple of hours but i need to get the kids into air- conditioning and to kidnap >> has the right idea but on the way, remember the car is much hotter than the air outside >> we have only half are in a car thermometer or maybe 20 minutes already a difference of about 10 degrees 10 degrees more hot in the car that outside >> may seem like obvious advice but did not leave the children and that of that put your wallet or purse or telephone in the back so you look before you leave the car >> parents believe i cannot forget my child last year we had a record number of deaths 49 deaths nationwide sell 49th parents thought it never happened to them will never hold their kids again >> once that can't keep them away from the upper floor
9:27 pm
windows >> if you need to open windows open from the top down also moved furniture away from the window so children cannot crawl on top and fall out that is what i think happens the most people did not think about being near the window they cracked a window for circulation and the fallout, a huge problem in chicago >> as our accidental drownings pools to lower body temperature but the number of children who die even in shallow pools is high, 300 per year never make it past their fifth birthday >> important for parents and caregivers to remember babies and toddlers can drown in what inch of water at the all buckets containers and wading pools immediately after you have finished using them >> the best advice use common sense did not underestimate the dangers of excessive heat >> by the way com ed reports outages have improved about 9000 to run the city based on the seat of the problems, a good
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it adds gourmet flavor to recipes sandwiches & salads. try kraft mayo with olive oil and cracked pepper. tom skilling here to tell us about the heat wave >> pretty amazing 19 states hit the 100 today many about the chicago area we missed it at o'hare airport by one degree and
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we missed the record by two degrees but midway airport the first 100 degree temperatures since july 2005, six years pretty amazing. wanted to share this former intern's add wgn sent these pictures from hawaii while in a tropical mood sun dogs the sun in the middle to the right that bright cluster called a sun dog look at this rainbow in the distance divided off in the distance kind of nice we could use rain < 1/3 normal under 1 inch at o'hare field, cumulus clouds trying to get going hot air dome so perv asive pushing big storms to the
9:32 pm
north, these to the west sign of change in the rain department scatter as thunderstorms could moderate the heat, on civil moisture riding up around this ridge of high there. with this reservoir of high humidity air almost 2 in. of rain of operated at the moment the rain falling about the jet stream sagging south into our neighborhood better tomorrow, a couple of thunderstorms, coming heavy rain producers on friday we set below the jet pretty heavy storms heat is the big story now. 33 states advisory for heat all of the way from the pop to the areas of the east coast into our region, the heat index we are predicting for tomorrow back to the 112 degree range 113 was the high
9:33 pm
for our area, look at the 100 region from texas into the chicago area, green bay made it to a '95 and '96 today in minneapolis lots of heat out east also, hundreds today on the thermometer the lakefront reeling, midway is 100, came in at we thought the o'hare read would bump up but it stayed at 99 degrees what degree short of the 100 degree mark. whether but stations with hundreds today. also wrigleyville 100 degrees by the chicago cubs' wrigley field. tonight in the eighties or low 90s triple digit heat index at the lakefront 102 degree heat index at this hour with 93 at o'hare airport 87 in
9:34 pm
naperville 83 degrees at harvard, a beautiful day just hot out there is all here are the beatings tonight's to let 90 at o'hare field and the heat index pushing up close to 100. low and mid '80s for low temperatures look at the heat index 9:30 p.m. at night still 95 green bay 100 98 degrees at o'hare with west southwest wind no lake cooling to the morning another change that may occur tomorrow, we may have a lake breeze in the afternoon scattered thunderstorms could bump the beaches down to the upper 80s low 90s moderate values of mold spores and pollen in the area today they number 13 at o'hare airport date number 16 at midway we went above 90 typically half of the 90 degree days from this point forward the normal number at midway airport is 12. running way ahead of normal, we checked and found
9:35 pm
the comparable numbers by 90s by now and then up something like 36-9 degree-days compared to the normal 23. you can see nineties tomorrow 80s tonight back into the upper 80s during the day tomorrow. then we will drop down as thunderstorms run by the area during the day on friday still humidity in the air temperatures fluctuated. thunderstorm outflows drop in temperature and they may bounce back to the overall air mass staying warm turning its back into the '90s again over the weekend. ted knight the excessive heat warning going through 4:00 a.m. friday morning but temperatures down to 78-83 degrees. winter is west southwest 6-16 mi. per hour tomorrow will be hot sunshine fairweather clouds building afternoon thunderstorms may affect about 30 percent of the area, where they happen
9:36 pm
gusty wind and downpours but not everybody will see those a high of 97 degrees backing off into the upper 80s on that lake breeze tomorrow night gusty thunderstorms 74 degrees with fog patches and 90 is the forecast for friday with several clusters of thunderstorms again any of these are possible heavy rain producers. we could use rain it now. you thought it would get a halfway decent shower. seven day forecast coming up how the heat may come back again next week >> helping chicago low income families fight their legal battles and 125 year old organization on a mission for justice.
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like jack daniel mccullough to help women and children out of the 25 years later legal aid is still going strong >> south side single mother raising a teenage son and daughter >> 17 year old son at theuniversity now and 5 year old daughter things were not so great last summer >> received an electric bill for more than $5,000 >> able toapril 2010 several days before a birthday party that we cannot do >> without power for almost five months. trying to study or finals before it got dark. >> april-august we made a we made it to the light and we had lanterns batteries but we made it >> legal aid paralegal laura allen of the reasons they made
9:41 pm
it >> front dead because she had an outstanding com ed bell, one week of the fact that found that she had children, their service had been shut off that was enough for us to want to take the case >> legal aid convinced the chicago housing authority to hold on addiction and she applied and what my partner programs at com ed to metropolitan family services that bit of a $75 of the $5,000 bill >> what will i have done what what i have done? starting all over again >> without the voucher issue would not have been able to afford market rent and ultimately would have to go to a shelter or become homeless >> a month thousands of low- income clients into account the helped by a legal aid every year >> we serve everyone that needs help >> executive director of the legal aid bureau of metropolitan family services. legal aid began in the late 1800's led but
9:42 pm
cannot vote, get custody of children practice law or of property. >> critical to quality of what america stands for >> she says the organization led to the creation of the public defender program in the 1930's >> a government that is a servant of all the people >> in the '60s, the federal government recognize that access to the legal system was a way out of poverty which led to mendon johnson war on poverty people getting a boys getting their voice heard within the system getting their case but before a judge in a way that is going to change their lives of literally or save their lives and they walk away feeling empowered >> i made phone calls and i did what ever they asked me to do and that worked really hard we worked hard together >> wants to go to vacation which can someday sell >> in the end legal aid reduced
9:43 pm
her belt and convinced her landlord to return at $1,100 security deposit so she could move to a new home >> that money helped me yes it did when i see that she is now in a good place and i hear how well her son is doing and her children are thriving the case will stick out >> legal aid handles a wide range of cases in cook county from domestic violence to elder abuse to better service to foreclosure. reached by calling 311 or 312 986 4200 to see if you qualify. learn much more on >> coming up in sports cubs pitching struggling against the phillies but there were dealing for a good cause tonight
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wgn news @ 9 if you cannot beat the heat you are out of luck >> the cold hard fact in the chicago tribune photos of the day: more photos on our
9:47 pm
website and bamut tom
9:48 pm
skilling more feed coming our way? >> next few days of warm with high humidity through the weekend currents temperatures around the metropolitan area, temperatures in the left column look at the heat index triple digits at this hour in parts of the city, forest park and oaklawn elmhurst and about prospect 93 degrees at o'hare airport, storms when north formidable bunch of storms i would not want to be out on lake superior but on the other hand the storms are the ones that will start moving up and through the plains states latching on to the jet stream and could come away in fact even tomorrow afternoon watch how the model wakes us up to sunshine but builds the clouds scattered thunderstorms late in the day tomorrow evening continuing into tomorrow night, look at the rand
9:49 pm
suspected to form in the corridor storms firing across iowa and living in our direction tomorrow night and friday, hopefully moisture out of that but it forecast rainfall. just then from our model forecast of severe weather. we may get into that corridor as well, not far to be all day plenty of time to get outside and enjoy the heat, 97 tomorrow upper 80s at the beaches late in the day 92 but mid-80s at the beaches on friday a day with a big cluster of storms may be in the morning scatter we developing in the afternoon, some in between hitting us sot partly sunny with scattered storms cold front passing on of late friday big storms somehow it is dry before the storms get here: off monday tuesday's meeting backup again wednesday thursday next
9:50 pm
week and on so apparently the summer will be hot are around here >> coming up john danks from the disabled list to disabling hitters but the white sox hitting for a win in kc, and a day away from the nfl lockout and, dan roan next in sports. [ male announcer ] ah. capri sun 100% juice. good choice.
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down to the buyer and kc down to the wire >> the heat, the sox the bullpen has been untouchable with every hot streak, to add that sometimes tonight at the expense of danks tough night for ozzie too foul ball at ozzie right in the face under eye as for danks first start off dl he was terrific seven innings in zero runs and six strikeouts, carlos quentin hooked to left out it goes 19 for him bullpen not hold the lead in the eighth inning double to rigthht center tied bottom 11. wrigley
9:54 pm
field the cubs and phillies the worst of the weather at 120 degrees on the field this afternoon, nothing seemed to bother philadelphia. empty chairs out there today those who showed up were boiling. first inning starlin castro calls for this pop fly at second base and then loses its in the sun. 1-0 families lead after one inning leading to a 5-0 lead after two innings, rollins down the line so it went, rollins finished it off off john grabow 11th homer mike quade livid about dropped pop up, before met the media. >> we set a bad tone we have to
9:55 pm
stop ball in sun communicating i look back at the entire game and a bucket that lea and the play and the sun has been there in the same spot those of the kind of mistakes you do not accept have to be taken care of >> one run out of nine win or lose you could find good ryan dempster did not have it today but tonight the foundation and will casino night fundraiser, big z may be dealing of the bottom of the deck but as usual dempster is not >> shows you like this bigger than baseball, baseball is our job and we take great pride at the end of the day bigger things than the guys are showing it is a great cause by supporting this truly a humbling
9:56 pm
thing to see this many people show up and support hopefully we can do right and do good things to show our gratitude. >> very nice tigetrr woods new love interest swing and katy, fired steve williams a few weeks ago but made public today nfl pa executive committee meeting into the night discussing a proposed new agreement but apparently does not have a copy yet, while not be a clear vote tonight and maybe not tomorrow. the owners' meeting in atlanta tomorrow but will not vote until the players say yes bears quarterback d bearsempster's all should tonight ready for a football >> i think is great we want to be back we want to work. it is just proper things need to be negotiated for us to go back to work. what we can do tonight you included we should have a drinking game every time somebody asks you a question about the lockout we take a shot.
9:57 pm
>> hopi has a limousine tonight. maybe the bears by next wednesday. >> that is the news for this wednesday happy you shared time with us updates on have a great night. another good thing about geico is, they've got, like, real live people working there 24/7. so like say you need to report a claim, alright. a real person will be there to help you. then you can use to view photos of the damage, track your claim, print an estimate. you want an english muffin? they literally hand you a toasted muffin with butter and jam. (sigh) whaa. tasty. that's, that's a complete dramatization of course, but you get my point. vo: geico 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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